Semi-permanent 3D Eyeliner Tattoo

(1 hour)

The eyeliner is tattooed on the root of eyelashes, this gives the eyelashes an appearance of natural volume.  As compared with 

Since the eyeliner is very thin and close to the root, it is almost "invisible" even you close your eyes.  It looks perfectly natural and pleasing to the eyes.  Colourings are extracted from natural ingredients and has been approved by FDA - safe with longlasting effect.

Benefits: Naturally brighter and charming, improve and enhance eye contour

(Free 1 complementary coluring within 6 months; charged extra $600 for additional colouring within 9 months)

Caution: Safe and painless tattoo. Different people skin may react differently for the tattoo; bruising is common side effect and it take about 1-2 days; and the self-headling process may take around 7 days in total. Before the scab peel off, don't use any water or oil based materials other than the products suggested by the tattoo technician.  It makes the pigment, together with the scab, being removed.

Semi-permanent 3D Eyeliner Tattoo

天然與科學完美結合 讓你體驗不一樣美的旅程

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