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Alqvimia Aromatherapeutic Relaxing Massage (Spain)

(45 mins)We tailor-made the essential oil to match your mood of the day, coupled with the unique mas..

Alqvimia Aromatherapeutic Breast Enlargement Massage (Spain)

(45 mins)The treatment combines detoxify, abundance and lifting effect of using unique massage techn..

Alqvimia Aromatherapeutic Firming and Cellulite Removal Massage (Spain)

(45 mins)Use of ALQVIMIA 100% Natural Body Sculptor Oil has blended in various precious essence that..

Alqvimia Energizing Aromatherapeutic Hot Stone Massage

(60 mins)Alqvimia Energizing Aromatherapy Hot Stone Massage gives you a deep feeling of total rejuve..

Chinese Breast Meridian Massage

(45 mins)Integration of Chinese and modern medicine concept, the breast meridian massage is using th..

Chinese Meridian Massage

(40 mins)The Deep Meridian Full Body Therapy penetrates deep into meridians, clears blood vessels, n..

Hot Stone Massage

(30 mins)Hot Stone Massage gives you a deep feeling of total rejuvenation that gives you 100% natura..

Imperial Chinese Meridian Massage (with ReJeune Alpha Crème)

(45 mins)The treatment makes use of the proprietory magnetic massage tools and ReJeune Alpha Crème t..

磁穴面部療程(90 mins) X 磁穴身體按摩療法(45 mins)

功效: *  一個療程已包括肩、頸、面、眼、頭五個部分, 達至整全效果 *  疏通經絡,袪水腫,多餘毒素由面部帶走*通經活絡,行氣活血,配合ReJeune al..